I started my loc journey in June of 2003. I was tired of chemicals and the damage that it caused to my hair. When I was a child growing up, my hair was so much healthier when my mama washed and pressed it with a straightening comb or cornrowed it. I just wanted to get my hair

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back to the natural way it was. So, in 2003 I did the “Big Chop”. Going through this patient journey has taught me how to love the hair that God has given me. I am proud to be a promoter for locs. I am dedicated to educating African Americans on the luster of natural hair care and not to be ashamed

of wearing their hair natural...after all our hair is our glory, so stop punishing your scalp, mind, body and soul with harsh chemicals and come allow DaAir’s staff to take you on a journey that you have never been to before.

Tara Gullatt